About Us

About Hypnosis Works Directory:

Hypnosis Works Directory is a fast-growing, online directory listing for hypnotists and those seeking hypnosis treatments.It was designed to locate the appropriate and suitable expert in their field. The directory has been created to help individuals become aware of available services and for hypnotists who want to expand their business to a wider-range market. This will promote wellness throughout their city, state/province, country and the world.

Our aim is to help hypnotists, hypnotherapists and their clients locate each other using a convenient and user-friendly environment suited for their needs. Hypnotists are listed according to their specialty. Some may be trained in areas not listed as their expertise. It is always good to ask. Most people listed here will be approachable and you will be able to ask questions to feel more comfortable with your choice.
We encourage all people looking for a hypnosis professional to pick one they are most comfortable with and use common sense in judgement. HypnosisWorksDirectory makes no promise or guarantee that any services provided here from any of the listed hypnotists will provide the relief you are looking for. This is a listing service and we make all efforts to line up qualified specialists to individuals and we take no responsibility beyond lining up you and a hypnotist to help you. Ask the questions before agreeing to any treatment or therapy no matter where it is or who it is.

The Concept – Help Expand The Reach of Hypnosis

Many years ago, searching for a professional hypnotists or hypnotherapist was hard work. The idea of search engines had not yet been popular before. As a result, many clients relied on print advertisements in order to locate the nearest hypnotist or hypnotherapists in their area. Being a hypnotherapist myself, I understand the difficulty of having a large information gap between patient and hypnotist / therapist. It is important for people to find us. But How? Many forms of advertising are expensive and ineffective. After years of trying to locate an effective way to reach the general public I knew there had to be an affordable alternative.

Bridging The Gap – Hypnosis Directory

The popularity of directories in many businesses has inspired me to create Hypnosis Works Directory as a way to address the problem of information gap between hypnotists and their clients. Now, hypnotists and hypnotherapists can enlist their business along with their address, website, and contact information in an easy-to-locate  and affordable directory listing. In turn, potential clients won’t have to go through the time-consuming efforts of searching for the websites of hypnotists and  hypnotherapists one by one. Visitors can search for the nearest hypnotists /hypnotherapists in just a click.

Hypnosis Works Directory is the place for People if you want to:

  • Find The Right Professional Quickly
  • Browse A Listing of Options
  • Find Someone Either Locally or Online
  • Gather Information To Do Your Research
  • Learn More About Hypnosis and How It Can Help You
  • Compare Available Professionals

Hypnosis Works Directory is a great place for HYPNOTISTS to:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Create more visibility for every product and service you offer
  • Get more clients
  • Build your business
  • Sell more products
  • Help more people

At Hypnosis Works Directory, you can grow your business further and faster.