Cohabitation Agreement Rocket Lawyer

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Cohabitation Agreement Rocket Lawyer: What You Need to Know

In recent years, more and more couples are choosing to live together without getting married. While this arrangement offers a lot of benefits, it does come with some risks. If you`re in a cohabitation relationship, it`s important to protect yourself and your partner with a cohabitation agreement.

A cohabitation agreement is a legal document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each partner in a cohabitation relationship. It covers issues such as property ownership, financial responsibility, and what will happen if the relationship ends. Here`s what you need to know about getting a cohabitation agreement through Rocket Lawyer.

What Is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service that offers a variety of legal documents for different purposes, including cohabitation agreements. The platform allows you to create a customized agreement that meets your specific needs and legal requirements. Rocket Lawyer is a great option for those looking for an affordable and convenient way to get a legally-binding cohabitation agreement.

Why Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is essential for anyone in a cohabitation relationship. Without one, you could be at risk of losing your assets, property, or financial security in the event of a breakup. A cohabitation agreement clarifies each partner`s responsibilities and provides a clear framework for how your assets and property will be divided should you separate.

Furthermore, a cohabitation agreement can be particularly beneficial if one partner has significantly more assets or income than the other. In such a case, a cohabitation agreement can provide some protection against unfair or inequitable distribution of assets in the event of a breakup.

What Does a Cohabitation Agreement Cover?

A cohabitation agreement can be customized to meet the specific needs of each couple. However, some common issues that are typically covered in a cohabitation agreement include:

1. Property ownership: This includes how property is owned, maintained, and disposed of during and after the relationship.

2. Financial support: This covers how both partners will contribute to the household and how expenses will be shared.

3. Debt obligations: This includes how any debts incurred during the relationship will be paid off.

4. Child custody and support: If you have children together, a cohabitation agreement can outline custody and support arrangements.

5. Dispute resolution: This covers how any disputes or conflicts will be resolved in the event of a breakup.

How to Get a Cohabitation Agreement Through Rocket Lawyer

Getting a cohabitation agreement through Rocket Lawyer is a simple process. Here`s what you need to do:

1. Sign up for a Rocket Lawyer account: You`ll need to create an account to access the cohabitation agreement template.

2. Customize your agreement: Once you have access to the template, you can customize it to meet your specific needs. This includes filling in your personal information, property and asset details, and other relevant information.

3. Review and sign your agreement: Once you`ve finished customizing your agreement, you`ll need to review it to make sure everything is accurate and complete. Then, you and your partner will need to sign it to make it legally binding.


A cohabitation agreement is essential for anyone in a cohabitation relationship. It provides clarity and security for both partners, and can help prevent legal battles in the event of a breakup. If you`re interested in getting a cohabitation agreement, Rocket Lawyer is a great option for creating a customized and legally-binding agreement. With Rocket Lawyer, you can protect yourself and your partner with ease and confidence.